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Genuine and False, Inverted 5 Mk Viking Ship

The stamp above is genuine and its trade mark is: OFF CENTERED. The length of the black frame (outside measure) is 29.50 mm. Source: Pertti Hujala

There are many forgeries about the inverted center Viking 5 Mk. The white paper forgeries - as is this one below - eventually belong to the early production. If you are not careful, you will be deceived easily with this quality forgery.The length of the black frame below is 30.23 mm. That is a forgery, printed on quite white paper and it is "too well centered".

 The pair of 5Mk Vikings below is a total forgery. It is also printed on white paper and it is "too well centered".
The above pair belongs to this letter below. The whole object is the total forgery, including cancellations. Obs: the handbook says: Pääskula post-office was opened 3.9.1925 and this postmark cancellation is from January, 1921.  The name Pääskyla is quite known with this kind of forgeries. 

Viking Ship 25 Mk Forgery

Look at these 25 Mk Viking Ships, they are all forgeries!

As you see, the false printing plate (down) was model of 1 x4 and it was printed to the paper sheet as above. (source: Pertti Hujala, the expert of Estonian stamps)

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1923 Provisional Ail Mail Stamps, 15 Mk red OPT

15 Mk. carmine OPT  
Day of Issue: October 1, 1923 Perforation: Imperforate Issued: 45.400

Down: 4-block, positions L77-80 and L87-90

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This is very important to remember

When you buy genuine Provisional Air Mail 45 Mk carmine OPTs, please, notify the big difference in the issued quantities!

45 Mk. carmine OPT  
 Distance between OPT 5 and M = 1,25 mm

Day of (1st printing)-issue: October 1, 1923 Perforation: Imperforate 
Issued: 9.900

 The total length of the OPT = 23 mm

45 Mk. carmine OPT 
 Distance between OPT 5 and M = 2 mm
Day of (2nd printing)-issue: November 9, 1923 Perforation: Imperforate 
Issued: 3.234 only

 The total length of the OPT = 24 mm