1919 Sun Design

Above we have a mint, genuine 4-block of Sun Design
Read more about Sun Design here: 

This above is a genuine Sun Design stamp. A very thin "cigarette paper" was used when printing the Sun-design stamps. Later on the Tallinn Skyline stamps were printed also on the similar, very thin paper.

Above is the back side of the registered letter from Pärnu 21.3.1921 to the company Messrs. Lewis May & Co in London, England. The letter is back-stamped 28 March, 1921 by London 42. During 1.7.1920-9.4.1921 the foreign letter of < 15 g. = 2,50 mk and the registration fee was also 2, 50 mk. There is 10 p too much stamps on the letter.

The next four items are:

These are very easy to detect; just focus to the middle sections and you will see easily the differences. And remember, there are only these 4 different types which Jaan Lubi used in his work.
                                                  False A

                                                         False B

                                                         False C

                                                          False D

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