Printed Paper to Foreign Countries

1.1.1928 – 31.12.1934

Robert Teichmüller was a German concert pianist and very famous music educator. Wikipedia tells us that he became one of the most influential piano teachers of his time. Indeed, he had some very notable piano students. Leipzig Conservatory was his initial musical school but he was also promoted there to the professor status in 1908.  Teichmüller was born May 4 1863 and died in Leipzig May 6, 1939.

3.V.1930 Estonia Muusika Osakond, Tallinn, has sent to Herrn Prof. Rob. Teichmüller something which is marked as IMPRIME. That means printed paper. The fee of 4 senti is correct.

Ewald Eichenthal printed paper

The source of this ptinted paper: Martti Päikkönen, Finland

1.4.1939 – 5.12.1940

This is a very complicated case to study if the postal rate is correct or not! However, Päts 6 senti alone on envelope is very, very rare item, so, we do the work willingly. First, this envelope is an AIRMAILED because on the backside we see the arrival cancellation Helsinki-Avion (Malmi Airport) 5.IV.1939! 

When the cancellation has happened, the tongue of envelope has been inside, and open. That is gossiping that eventually inside there was a name-card or a postcard. At this time (13.10.1939-29.2.1940), there was no airmail-fee to Finland. The usual 20 g. letter-fee to Finland at this time was 15 senti, so why 6 senti on this envelope? Since far, all refers to the printed paper.

For further inspection, we must know what the valid Postal Decree between Estonia and Finland was including: “the Decree included letters up to 500 grams, postcards, the minimum rate for commercial papers, registration, insurance for letters, express fee for letter-post articles, advice of delivery, withdrawal of mail and alteration of address, plus the authority for payment”. However, it does not say anything about printed papers!

So, this we must check from the Handbook, pages 410-411, the section “Printed Paper to Foreign Countries” and especially to Finland. And look at what is said there: 1.4.1939-5.12.1940, fee of the printed paper to Finland, up to 50 g. is 0,06 kr = 6 senti! Voila, well done.

similar case as above: small envelope is open.

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