tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015

The Viking Ship stamps are exhilarating

Estonian Viking Ship stamps are a very interesting target of collection in itself. Below you see the complete pane of blue 1 Mk Viking Ship. The cancellation is from the date of  4.9.19. Something has been paid but the question is what? This pane belongs to the 1st printings of the Viking Ship:

1 Mk. Black-brown-blue, white paper  
Day of Issue: July 28, 1919 Perforation: Imperforate Issued: 986.800

Taken from the Handbook: “The printer's sheet of 200 was arranged in two panes (100 + 100) placed in the press vertically one above the other so that the design in the upper one was inverse (käänteinen) to the lower pane. The panes were separated by a horizontal gutter of 31 mm. (frame to frame). The printer's sheets were cut into two counter panes horizontally across the gutter. It is believed that all values were printed in the same manner. At the beginning a few complete sheets of 200 of the first printings of the 1 and 5 Mk. values came to counter sale. No gutter pairs are known from of the 15 and 25 Mk. values.

The gutter-pair of 1 Mk


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