lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2014

Tartu Näitus

The above advertising picture is taken from the idealized painting of Napoleon Crossing the Alps. The original equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte was painted by the French artist Jacques-Louis David between 1801 and 1805. Wikipedia is saying that the king of Spain paid the first artistic version of this military adventure and got the painting hanging to his castle. Bonaparte and his army crossed the Alps in May 1800.There are alltogether five different versions of the same painting. As we see, the above picture is the copy of the Palace de Versailles where this version is still hanging.

Tartu Näitus (Tartu Exhibition) cancellation 5 IX 39 is gossiping that there was coming an important art exhibition in Tartu at that time. The 2 senti franking of this card goes to the category of inland printed paper. (1.1.1928-29.2.1940, < 50g = 2 senti).

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