torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

The Darling of the Stamp Collectors

Von Baggo family was the owner of SAKU beer company before the WW II.  Von Baggos were also famous philatelists and there are many letters remaining from their collection of Estonian stamps. The above letter is delivered to Frau E. v. Baggo in Danzig and on the envelope there is an imperforated Weaver & Smith-issue 9 Mk. The philatelically orientated people knew that this stamp is a some kind of rarity and they used it on their correspondence. (Its printing amount is only 59 800 pcs). The stamp was issued on April 18, 1923. This registered letter is dated 9.V.24 and arrived in Danzig 12.5.24. The registration fee for the foreign letter during 1.11.1922-31.1.1925 was 15 Mk. The postal fee for the foreign 20g. letter - during 1.1.1924-31.1.1925 - was also 15 Mk, so the total of 30 Mk is correct.

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